Writing Move to Murder

Currently researching and writing the next book in the Cold Case Jury collection. It is titled Move to Murder and is about the Wallace case from 1931. I hope to include a brand new theory of how Julia Wallace was murdered in my book.

For those of you who are unaware of the case, it is one of the most celebrated cold cases of all time, with a plot that could have come from an Agatha Christie novel.

As well as conducting the usual in-depth research, I’ve spoken to authors of previous books on the case – Roger Wilkes and John Gannon. Roger hosted the renowned Radio City broadcasts about the case in January 1981 – fifty years after the killing of Julia. The series was pioneering and worth listening to even today. His regret was not being able to take the evidence he had uncovered to the man he accused of the murder, who died less than a year before the broadcasts and was not able to respond to the allegations and evidence.

It’s a fascinating case and one that still divides people today. Who killed Julia Wallace? This is another true crime mystery for the Cold Case Jury.

More later.