The Search for Light’s Revolver

Met up with Paul Stickler today, the historical researcher and former detective. We are in the first stages of project planning. Our mission is to search for – and with much luck, find – Ronald Light’s revolver in Leicester.

To re-cap, Light allegedly threw his Webley & Scott revolver (like the one shown) into the Grand Union Canal in Leicester. For more details on this, see my book The Green Bicycle Mystery (published June 2017). By studying what he said and examining old maps of Leicester, we believe we have pinpointed the most likely place. Of course, Light might have lied, but we believe the weapon is in the canal. If recovered, it would be a sensational find – the most important evidence in the century-old unsolved death of Bella Wright.

We have contacted the appropriate authorities and are now contacting river salvage and diver teams to see if the mission is feasible. We should know in the next few weeks if we will be able to go ahead.

Stay tuned.

Author: Antony M. Brown

Antony M. Brown is the author of the Cold Case Jury books. The first was The Green Bicycle Mystery (published in June 2017) about the case of Bella Wright in 1919.

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