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It is fascinating to see your book through someone else’s eyes. The overview¬†of my book by the Daily Mirror didn’t focus on the things I thought it would have. It highlighted a solution to the century-old true crime rather than a mystery for which the readers can deliver their verdicts. There are three potential scenarios, each is reconstructed and analysed. I plump for what I believe to be the most plausible account at the end of the book, but my view is but one. The current verdict of the Cold Case Jury is available at my website. I’m hoping that by presenting new evidence and obtaining a verdict from the readers, a degree of closure can be brought to the case, which has interested the public ever since Bella Wright was tragically killed in July 1919.

Nevertheless, it is an eye-catching double-page spread. I particularly like the image of the police constable casually carrying the infamous green bicycle to court (it’s taken from the book). Is it just me, or does the constable look like Blakey from On The Buses? (Apologies, that’s a reference to a British sitcom in the 1970s). Now that would be a story…

Author: Antony M. Brown

Antony M. Brown is the author of the Cold Case Jury books. The first was The Green Bicycle Mystery (published in June 2017) about the case of Bella Wright in 1919.

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