Two Years Gone, Two Weeks To Go

The countdown has started. My first book The Green Bicycle Mystery is published in two week’s time and is now available to pre-order.

As I wrote in a previous post, it has been a long journey just to arrive at this point. Yet, I feel I have only crossed the third hurdle in a long obstacle race. The first is writing the book; the second is securing a publishing deal; and the third getting the book published. The rest of the hurdles are about marketing, publicity and promotion. And it looks an awful long way to the finishing line.

What is the finishing line? For me, it is a book that is widely read, within the limits of the genre, and liked by readers. With hundreds of new titles – many of them really good books – released each week, the difficult part is getting your book noticed. Of course, the publisher is there to help, but it feels like a daunting task. Your worst fear is that, despite the long journey so far, your book falls stillborn from the printing press, to quote the philosopher David Hume.

Over two years in the making. Now two weeks to go. Fingers crossed.

More later.

Author: Antony M. Brown

Antony M. Brown is the author of the Cold Case Jury books. The first was The Green Bicycle Mystery (published in June 2017) about the case of Bella Wright in 1919.

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